Paneer Afghani | Restaurant style Paneer Afghani at Home

Paneer Afghani is known for its taste and rich flavor.
It is easy to prepare Paneer Afghani as most of the ingredients used in the preparation of the Paneer Afghani recipe are easily available in our kitchen.
The use of dry fruits and cream gives Paneer Afghani its extraordinary taste, aroma, and flavor.
Most of the Ingredients used in this recipe are used either in powdered form or in the form of past. This gives a very good eating experience to Paneer Afghani.

How to prepare Paneer Afgani

To prepare Paneer Afghani all the ingredients like melon seeds, cashew nuts, and poppy seeds are blended in a mixer grinder and turned into a powder form or past form. Cream chili powder and salt are also added to this past. Paneer cubes are now added to this past and kept aside for 1 hour to marinate. preferably if time permits it should be kept for 2 hours to marinate. This will enhance the taste and flavor. Once Paneer is marinated in the paste, it can be grilled on a nonstick pan or can be grilled in an Oven.

Ingredients for Paneer Afghani Recipe

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Steps to prepare Paneer Afghani

  • prepare a smooth powder by grinding
  • melon seeds, cashew nuts and poppy seeds
  • to this powder add red chili powder and salt to taste
  • add cream, ginger garlic paste and prepare a paste
  • now add Paneer cubes
  • sliced onion, sliced capsicum and sliced tomato
  • to this paste
  • let it marinate for 1 or 2 hours
  • heat a non stick pan, grease it
  • place some cubes of marinated Paneer on the pan grease them a bit with oil
  • and cook them for few minutes or till they are brown from all sides
  • serve hot


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