homemade low fat paneer | how to make low fat paneer

low fat paneer at home

How to make low fat paneer at home Paneer is the best source of protein for the vegetarians and homemade low fat paneer is best for this purpose. Some people are cautious of fat content in it. Thus there is an option for them, that is of homemade low fat paneer It is an excellent … Read more

homemade crispy jalebi recipe | how to make yummy jalebi at home

jalebi recipe

crispy jalebi recipe preparation Friends today we are going to prepare crispy jalebi at home, yes you read it right homemade crispy jalebi and that to in less than 1/2 an hour. today we are going to prepare crispy jalebi recipe by instant method. cant believe, lets go through the process step by step. jalebi … Read more

paneer stuffed rava masala dosa | best rava dosa recipe | suji ka dosa

Many a times we are in a mood to cook Dosa. But regular Dosa takes a lots of preparation beforehand then only you can enjoy it. But there is an easy way to prepare this tasty South Indian dish quickly. this dish can be a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The option is Instant Rava … Read more

2 Easy Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

aloo sandwich

Lets prepare an Easy veggie sandwich recipe Aloo Sandwich recipe or Potato sandwich comes first to our mind when we think of vegetarian sandwich is quick and easy to prepare and very crispy and tasty too. Aloo sandwich can be prepared in many ways and variants, here i have explained how to make aloo masala … Read more

Indian Spices Name in English

indian spices name in english pic

Indian food is rich in spices, many different kind of spices are available in India. Many times we want to know Indian Spices Name in English. Some spices are used in powdered form others are used raw, some spices are used just a pinch others are used in quantity depending upon the cooking style. There … Read more

Best Coconut Chutney Recipe | Nariyal Ki Chutney

coconut chutney recipe

Cocunut Chutney popularly known as Nariyal ki chutney in Northen part on India, it is a famous and important ingredient of South Indian food. So lets prepare Coconut Chutney Recipe. Nariyal ki Chutney is used with many popular breakfast like Idli, Dosa and many other snacks. Many other variants of coconut chutney can be prepared … Read more

Hari Chutney Recipe | Spicy Green Chutney Recipe

hari chutney recipe

Hari Chutney Recipe or Green Chutney Recipe is an instant, tasty and easy to make chutney recipe. It is a blend of different green leafs vegetables and is used with Samosa’s, Pakora’s, Sandwiches, Chaat, vada pav, aloo sandwich and many more. Ingredients for Hari Chutney Recipe 2 bunch Coriander green leaves, 2 pcs. Green chili, … Read more

Tomato Chutney for Vrat | Easy Tomato Chutney Recipe for Vrat

tomato chutney for vrat

Instant Tomato chutney for vrat or Tomato chutney is one of the most common and famous chutney which can be prepared easily and in minutes and is very tasty. The best part of Tomato chutney is that it goes with many dishes like vrat pakori, vrat ki kachoris, vrat cutlets, sabudhana vrat cutlets, samosa, bharwa … Read more