homemade low fat paneer | how to make low fat paneer

How to make low fat paneer at home

Paneer is the best source of protein for the vegetarians and homemade low fat paneer is best for this purpose. Some people are cautious of fat content in it.

Thus there is an option for them, that is of homemade low fat paneer

It is an excellent option for vegetarian people who want protein and calcium but without the excess calories and fat.

So best option for them s low fat paneer.

How to make homemade low fat paneer

To make low fat paneer we require 1 liter of low fat milk and 2 cups of curd.

  • take one litre of low fat milk or skimmed milk
  • Boil low fat milk in a deep pan
  • Switch off the gas when it starts boiling
  • Let it cool for a minute or 2
  • now add 2 cups of beaten card to this milk
  • keep staring the milk while adding the card
  • wait for couple of minutes
  • you will see milk has curdled
  • now steer the water out using a muslin cloth
  • what is left behind is crumbled low fat paneer
  • you can use it in this form also
  • or you can tie this crumbled paneer in the muslin cloth and place something heavy on this cloth alternately you can also use paneer making mould if available with you
  • this process will squeeze out any excess water in the paneer
  • paneer will get together with this process and you will find it in one piece
  • now you can cut this into desired pieces and use it

note:- if you see that milk has not cuddled after waiting for few minutes add some more beaten curd and stir it gently.

some popular dishes that can be prepared using homemade low fat paneer are matar paneer, paneer butter masala, paneer lababdar, paneer do pyaja, paneer in white gravy and mughlai paneer many more.

other option to consume this fresh homemade paneer is to spronkle some black salt and few drops of lemon juice over it and have.


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