Hari Chutney Recipe | Spicy Green Chutney Recipe

Hari Chutney Recipe or Green Chutney Recipe is an instant, tasty and easy to make chutney recipe.

It is a blend of different green leafs vegetables and is used with Samosa’s, Pakora’s, Sandwiches, Chaat, vada pav, aloo sandwich and many more.

Ingredients for Hari Chutney Recipe

  • 2 bunch Coriander green leaves,
  • 2 pcs. Green chili,
  • 1 bunch of Khatti Palak (Green sorrel)
  • 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice,
  • 1-inch psc. Ginger,
  • Rock salt to taste,

Preparation of Hari Chutney Recipe

  • chop khatti palak (Green sorrel)
  • now chop coriander green leaf,
  • cut green chili into pieces,
  • peel the ginger and crush or grate it,
  • add 2 pcs. of crushed ice cube,
  • add all to the grinder and grind to past,
  • in between add some water if required,
  • our hari chutney is ready
  • take out in a bowl and add lemon juice as per your taste.

To get the best taste and colour out of Hari Chutney, it is advised to use fresh leaves. There are many other variants of Hari Chutney that can be found under the Chutney category.

Our Tangy Spicy Hari Chutney is ready to serve, it can be served with many popular snacks,

Hari Chutney Preparation Video


What is a Chutney?

Chutney is a North Indian tangy, spicy past of different green leafy vegetables mixed with various spices, it comes in many form some are cooked and some are instant preparations.

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