Modak Recipe

modak recipe

Ganesh Chaturthi is near its celebration time of the year and also a time to prepare some very delicious and Ganesh Ji’s favorite Modak. So here we go following is the easy and step-by-step process for Modak Recipe. Ingredients for Modak Recipe [wptb id=1346] Preparation of dow for Modak take 2 cups of maida in … Read more

Paneer Makhani Recipe

paneer makhani recipe

Today we will talk about Paneer Makhani Recipe, Paneer Makhani is a popular Paneer dish from north India. It is one of the most frequently ordered dish from restaurant menus. Paneer Makhani can be easily cooked at home using easily available ingredients in our kitchen like Paneer, tomato, cashew nuts and spices. Paneer Makhani is … Read more

Paneer Afghani | Restaurant style Paneer Afghani at Home

paneer afghani

Paneer Afghani is known for its taste and rich flavor. It is easy to prepare Paneer Afghani as most of the ingredients used in the preparation of the Paneer Afghani recipe are easily available in our kitchen. The use of dry fruits and cream gives Paneer Afghani its extraordinary taste, aroma, and flavor. Most of … Read more

Paneer 555 Recipe | Restaurant like Paneer 555 at Home

paneer 555 recipe

Paneer 555 recipe is a protein rich preparation, which can be cooked easily at home with some easily available ingredients. Paneer is a protein rich milk product, which is cooked in many different styles and forms. One such preparation is Paneer 555. Ingredients for Paneer 555 250 gm Paneer Cubes (homemade) 2 Tbsp all purpose … Read more

homemade low fat paneer | how to make low fat paneer

low fat paneer at home

How to make low fat paneer at home Paneer is the best source of protein for the vegetarians and homemade low fat paneer is best for this purpose. Some people are cautious of fat content in it. Thus there is an option for them, that is of homemade low fat paneer It is an excellent … Read more

paneer stuffed rava masala dosa | best rava dosa recipe | suji ka dosa

Many a times we are in a mood to cook Dosa. But regular Dosa takes a lots of preparation beforehand then only you can enjoy it. But there is an easy way to prepare this tasty South Indian dish quickly. this dish can be a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The option is Instant Rava … Read more

2 Easy Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

aloo sandwich

Lets prepare an Easy veggie sandwich recipe Aloo Sandwich recipe or Potato sandwich comes first to our mind when we think of vegetarian sandwich is quick and easy to prepare and very crispy and tasty too. Aloo sandwich can be prepared in many ways and variants, here i have explained how to make aloo masala … Read more